Election blues
begat Liston, begat Clay,
begat La Motta, Foreman at the Garden
the night Marina her long legs threatening to buckle caught the Express
across the bay into the arms of a quiet man
whose unbounded love consumed her.
begat..., begat the poet Bissonette.
Drove the cab too much of his life
while deer wept and children attended school.
begat, begat, begat despair at home, despair
in Iraq, the nightly salute at CBS
to “Fallen Heroes.”
begat the hip hop of Raven:
“I am the voice of Radio Free Michigan:
the kingdom of God is within you, and now,
it isn’t.... Saginaw, Lansing: Beware:
This is the Kristallnacht.”
begat, too, the daughter of Gall and Frank,
ravishing, dark,
the Laurel that falls across Sand Creek
to squealing delight of otter and chaos.
begat Liston, begat Clay,
begat Max Schmeling buying his pal, Joe, a beer
in Las Vegas after the world went home.