Declaration of Independence
From one lifetime to another, let us regain our innocence and the affirmation that all is created equal — endowed by its creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Secure in the knowledge that we are star dust and unto star dust we shall return.
(The flower of self-awareness is attended at Sophia’s gate. Who would stoop to pluck such a blossom?)
Let us commit ourselves to the resolution of being and non-being, to the extent that we recognize the nothing in everything and the everything in nothing: We hear the crying insect. Discern the nature of disease. Communicate unabashedly with our dead. We liberate all creatures from prisons however constructed or imposed, as we confront the evil thereof.
Can evolutionary theory accommodate a small shift in perspective? If “competition” is perceived as a thirst for “attention,” then, it seems, the bridge between science and religion can safely be crossed. What explains the will to live?
No animal shall become the chattel of another.
Carol Layton, an animal rights advocate, writes:
I don’t understand why people choose to perceive what they do. Why do people worship the dog that is their companion and yet shoot the coyote or buy a mink coat or eat a pork sandwich. Why is it fun to pet animals at the zoo, have cute pictures of them adorn our houses and yet experiment on them in the cruelest ways imaginable. Why is it O.K. to enslave the cow on a dairy farm, take away her newborn calf, enclose it in a crate, feed it a diet designed to make it anemic, slaughter it six weeks later, and steal its mother’s milk — the milk she produced for HER BABY! I choose to perceive this as I see it. Pure unadulterated evil. A heinous disregard for the sanctity of life. And for as long as I live, my friend, I’ll be shocked, saddened and deeply disturbed by it.

How is the destruction of a mountain to be weighed against the murder of an elder? Is this a false comparison? Is the pollution of an ocean a more heinous crime than one of theft?
How welcome the sun that wakens us; how welcome the dawn that calls us to sleep.
Dear friends, please observe the natural world directly and carefully. Listen to the wind in the trees. Hear the rain on the cobblestones.
As witness, the moon above. By the paw and the wing, by fin and claw, by the hoof, by the thumb, the time is now, and it has always been.